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Growing up in Maine I have always had a love for the simple things. The little pieces of everyday life that bring joy, whether that be family and friends, Adventures, sitting curled up with a good book, sharing funny stories, singing along to the car radio (all those cliche things) or just being content with what life throws your way. This blog is my way of not letting those little things, slip by unnoticed.

09 April, 2015

Creative Writing Prompts

Survival Guide for a Teacher

Step 1: Always have a drawer of candy, some is for you, some is for them. Trust me no matter how healthy you are, you will need it.

Step 2: Ibphrone is your best friend.

Step 3: Make sure your room is next to a bathroom, but not so close that you get to hear people using it. You will need to pee and you will not have time and the quicker you can leave class and get back the better the chances everything will still be standing.

Step 4: Do not check school email when you are not at school. There will be nothing that cannot be taken care of in the morning when you get there and who really wants to know a student is asking if they missed anything while they were out, a parent is annoyed with you that their child has a D (though they deserve an F in your opinion).

Step 5: Find a way to relax: Exercise, take a bath, go shopping, do something that makes you feel human and worth your own attention.

Step 6: Do not eat your feelings. You will gain the Freshman 15, Sophomore 20, Junior 50, or Senior 30 lbs. Depending on the grade you teach if you do.

Your favorite film and why

My favorite film would be PS. I Love you. This is my PMS movie. No matter what is doing on I can watch this movie and have either a good cry or a good laugh. My husband and I are going to Ireland this summer and our song is I Love You Til the End by the Pogues. Irish culture has always intrigued me. It is not the drinking, but just the way of life. The appreciation for nature and the laid back attitude of the people, mixed up with their incredible passion for the things they care about. I think they have the way life should be figured out and I am very curious to see what Ireland is actually like when we get there, but I am sure I will fall in love with it. 

08 April, 2015

"I'm feeling 22" well, not anymore

If only 22 were like the Taylor Swift song, I would have spent last year jumping around in my pjs and eating cookie dough, but in the last year I have gotten a full time job, moved to Bucksport Maine, and married the most wonderful man I know. Today I turn 23. If today is any measure of what being 23 is going to be like, then bring it on. Today was a wonderful day full of family, church, birthday wishes, and the most amazing husband a girl could ask for. I am truly blessed and so what if I can't jump around eating cookie dough everyday. Year 23 is off to a great start.

The way he looked at her made her know he loved her. Words did not need to be spoken. It was the little things, the way he pushed her hair or of her eyes, the way she would catch him looking at her with a big smile, the way he cared. She knew that he would always love her because of the way he told her things like they are, but loved her because of her impurities.

Songs of my Life

Year 1: Somewhere over the Rainbow
Year 2: Itsy Bitsy Spider
Year 3: Lullaby
Year 4: Truck Truck Elephant
Year 5: Whistle While You Work
Year 6: Bibitty Boppity Boo
Year 7: The Things I Remember
Year 8: Favorite Things
Year 9: My Girl
Year 10: Dare You to Move--Switchfoot
Year 11: If I Had a Million Dollars
Year 12: Lose Yourself--Eminem
Year 13: Little Bitty Pretty One
Year 14: Baby It's Cold Outside
Year 15: Bohemian Rhapsody
Year 16: Third Planet--Modest Mouse
Year 17: Gimme Gimme
Year 18: Don't Stop Believing
Year 19: Skinny Love
Year 20: Wagon Wheel
Year 21: Pursuit if Happiness Kid Cuty
Year 22: Love you Til the End
Year 23: Defying Gravity

06 April, 2015

The Circus of Education

Being a teacher...
is like being a ring master.

My circus has 5 acts and 2 intermissions
I have all these different performers
with different talents
I myself feel like I am doing a balancing act
As I juggle one need and another
Trying to help each star shine their brightest

There are some divas,
the it's all about me type
Who expect me to do back bends and flips
to get THEM to where THEY need to go,
But I am the ring master. I don't do backflips.
These performs need to learn to stand alone

Others have wonderful talents hidden inside,
but THEY have stage fright
I push them out under the lights
They freeze
They bumble around
They think they look like clowns
I need to remind them daily that they are the acrobats, the sword swallowers, the main attractions

The show is exhausting, just after the last seat is cleared and the popcorn all cleaned,
We start again
My circus runs 180 days of the year.
We are moved by the tides of the moons and
Moods of my performers.

There are days when the jokes fall flat,
When the acrobats are off balance
When it seems that nothing will go as planned

But someday all of them will graduate from the big top
they will be on their way
to entertain the world around them. 

Sunshine and Joy

April 6th 2015

Attitude is everything. This is so true. Right now I am viewing my world through rose colored glasses after a wonderful weekend with my family. For some reason teaching seems easier, even with grades closing and I think a lot of this is due to the sun. I am definitely a plant. I thrive off of sun and the nourishment of those who love me. In the dead of winter it is easy to let my mind freeze in the puddles of pesimistic snow in my boots. It is easy to get discouraged, but I cannot allow that to change who I am. I am a very happy and thankful woman, who has a wonderful family, the hope of a long life full of joy and the assurance of spending eternity with the ones a love when this life fades away. I have so many reasons to be my own little ray of sunshine everyday, but sometimes it is hard. It is easy to make these resolutions while the sun is shining and my birthday is marking a new year and a fresh start budding with the spring. Here is to making the most of every little thing and not letting go of my joy even in the darkest of winter nights. 

When Life Goes Flying By

I know that there are days that seem to drag on endlessly into the night. Even with these short winter days a day can seem to go on forever, yet somehow life is flying by so quickly. It has been a long time since I have posted anything on here and though I am going to try to be more consistent it might be a long time before I write again. Since last I wrote I have gotten married to a wonderful man and started a teaching job in Ellsworth, Maine. I have actually started this blog back up as an exercise in my creative writing class. Pushing the kids to write has caused me to realize how much I have been neglecting it myself. I have started to write a book, again, but like always I am rather stuck after 10 pages. This time I do have an outline and a plan so we will hopefully complete it this time. The problem is, I am not very good at fiction writing and I am not sure anyone would like to read about my own life.

01 April, 2015

365 Days of Writing Attempt #3

April 1, 2015
I really feel like I have been doing a terrible job with my writing recently. I have essentially been in about a 2 year slump. I need to keep telling myself that writing isn't about being perfect every day. It is about getting words on a page. About experiencing life through my fingertips as I type the words or scribble them down. It is about looking at the little things and making sure I don't let things slip by because I am in a writing slump. I am rededicating myself to this challenge. I want to make an effort to write every day even if it is a miserable failure because if I really want to publish a book someday and if I can't even write alongside my creative writing class then I will never reach that goal. So here goes nothing...

Paint chip Poetry with my Creative Writing students (thank you Anne Walker)
Students must use only the words on the paint chips and then connecting words.
Here is mine

Early morning sun
and song birds
dancing mist on robins' eggs
and hazy lilacs

Afternoon tea
and creamed coffee
fresh cut flowers
natural linen, a white heaven
on a blustery day

Sable calm
then quiet rain
Katydids, free spirits
A timeless day
Oh, Elusive Spring

Day 2: A poem where every other line rhymes

I really want to write
But the words just won't come
Writer's block does bite
But it's time to have some fun

I pen down these few words
I try to make them nice
Maybe I'll write about the birds
But self doubt is my vice

This poem is no good
I probably should just stop
Just wanted to prove I could
Write every day till I'm at the top.

Well I told the students I would do it, but I am not really a writer of poems and definitely not a writer of rhyming poems. Rather I normally write poetic paragraphs where the words themselves are poetic, but the form is not structured by lines. I will be happy when we move off of poetry and into other forms of writing. The next form we are headed into is short stories. This should be a much better area for me as I have a small attention span and prefer prose. I am sure that these writings will get longer, but today at school I had my formal observation and grade close tomorrow so I am not sure why I picked this week to try a challenge, but you know if it was easy it wouldn't be a challenge ;)

Day 3: A poem that increases in word number for each line

Showers falling
Birds are singing
Scents of flowers wafting
Through the newly open windows
Women get out their cleaning stuff
The men return to their thawing fields
Everywhere there are signs of new life budding
Excitement fills the air, as children leave their houses
With spring upon us, joy returns to the warming faces.

ABC Poem

always searching
always aware
as the world spins
as each day come to an end

bemused by the world around me
balancing work and pleasure, doing my
best to figure it all out
before I spin out of control

control is something I love
control keeps me sane, but it keeps me
cutting off my creativity
cultivating a woman who is scared,
concerned and self conscious

don't give into the worry
determination is my only hope of overcoming this
danger can be exciting
daring is something I need more of
deciding that I am going to get the most out of life

everything in life is beautiful if looked at in a certain light
even the most miserable circumstances can lead to
everything happens for a reason
even though sometimes if feels so pointless

feelings sometimes need to be ignored or changed, I
find that happiness is not a feeling
feelings are fleeting

giving into feelings can drive one nuts
gaining true joy is an outlook a determination not

To Be Continued