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Growing up in Maine I have always had a love for the simple things. The little pieces of everyday life that bring joy, whether that be family and friends, Adventures, sitting curled up with a good book, sharing funny stories, singing along to the car radio (all those cliche things) or just being content with what life throws your way. This blog is my way of not letting those little things, slip by unnoticed.

09 April, 2015

Creative Writing Prompts

Survival Guide for a Teacher

Step 1: Always have a drawer of candy, some is for you, some is for them. Trust me no matter how healthy you are, you will need it.

Step 2: Ibphrone is your best friend.

Step 3: Make sure your room is next to a bathroom, but not so close that you get to hear people using it. You will need to pee and you will not have time and the quicker you can leave class and get back the better the chances everything will still be standing.

Step 4: Do not check school email when you are not at school. There will be nothing that cannot be taken care of in the morning when you get there and who really wants to know a student is asking if they missed anything while they were out, a parent is annoyed with you that their child has a D (though they deserve an F in your opinion).

Step 5: Find a way to relax: Exercise, take a bath, go shopping, do something that makes you feel human and worth your own attention.

Step 6: Do not eat your feelings. You will gain the Freshman 15, Sophomore 20, Junior 50, or Senior 30 lbs. Depending on the grade you teach if you do.

Your favorite film and why

My favorite film would be PS. I Love you. This is my PMS movie. No matter what is doing on I can watch this movie and have either a good cry or a good laugh. My husband and I are going to Ireland this summer and our song is I Love You Til the End by the Pogues. Irish culture has always intrigued me. It is not the drinking, but just the way of life. The appreciation for nature and the laid back attitude of the people, mixed up with their incredible passion for the things they care about. I think they have the way life should be figured out and I am very curious to see what Ireland is actually like when we get there, but I am sure I will fall in love with it. 

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